Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Joni Jean

Hello lovelies, so recently i've gone out and bought a second pair of joni jeans from Topshop which retail at £36.00, and upon realising just how much i love them, i thought i would let you all know and discover the amazing-ness(if that isn't a word, it is now). Now, i've tried my fair share of jeans, and these have to be my absolute favourite! I've also seen quite a few celebs wearing them too, the most recent one's been the incredibly gorgeous Kylie Jenner- just the fact that she has them makes me love mine even more!

On to the actual jeans, not only do they go with everything, and i mean everything(i wore a white croptop, so you could see the jeans as they naturally are), but they're also just really flattering on! They're super figure hugging and they're meant to be extra high waisted, so they make your legs look slightly longer too and just generally better shaped as they're pretty much skin-tight and make everything waist down look better!They're also made from a thinner material for added elasticity, which means they're a lot more comfortable and easy to maneuver in than "normal" jeans, but they're by no means jegging-like.What i love about Topshop aswell, is that they base their sizes around waist size and leg length, instead of your average sizing, which is such a dream, because those kind of jeans never seem to fit me, as i'm quite short, and needless to say i'm not a fan of the baggy-ankle look. They also do a petite and tall range aswell, so if you have the same problem i'd definitely recommend popping in to take a look! I also find that these last absolutely ages aswell, which is a standard with topshop jeans and the experience i've had with them in general. I've had my blue Joni's for around a year now and they're only just beginning to stretch out, which i think is amazing considering how much i paid for them. 
Buy here
Overall, i really do recommend these, what's not to love! They also do a HUGE range of colours, if you're a little bit more quirkier than me and want something different. Thanks for reading, love you guys. xx

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Living Life and Feeling Good!

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Hey guys, so recently i listened to a really motivating podcast, and it was basically about how to use up your time better, i suppose, the main thing that stood out to me was when he said "Money is power, but time is life"

Time is life.

I'm a major slacker, i always leave everything until the last minute, which is pretty standard for a 16 year old, but why should it be? Those things never make you feel good! You feel good when you wake up on time, when you get ready with time to spare, when you take opportunities in school/college/work, when you do a good workout, when you finish tidying your room, when you do your work on time, when you go out, have fun, and so many more positive things- That's what life is and that's what makes life worth living- doing what may seem like the hard things that lead you to becoming successful in every aspect of your life, whether emotionally or physically.

I really want to encourage you to just think about that, and next time you think "oh i can't be bothered to do work", or "i'm too tired to do that workout", or "i'm not good enough to take that opportunity in work", life starts when you step out of your comfort zone and do things that will end up in you becoming the best you, that you can possibly be(wow, there was a lot of you's in that sentence there). And do you know what, even if you fail at whatever it is, so what? at least you are in the margin of people who really tried and actually went for it! Who saw something and realised it was worth the hard work, worth the struggle, and after failure comes improvement- you try and try again, i will guarantee you will be at the best you've ever been. I know it's hard, but you can do it and i believe in the power of every single one of you.

Stay motivated, stay active, work hard, live life- you will be happier. It all starts with your mindset, as a famous sport company once said, Just Do It.

Here are some video's that have really inspired me in to becoming healthier, but also just doing this whole "life" thing well. I also really recommend checking out Blogilates if you haven't already, they're the best Youtube Channel i've ever come across for helping you get in to shape; they're super helpful, really motivating- and best of all, you don't need any equipment!

I hope this post has inspired you to live a better life and to use your time better! Love you guys.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour - 08 Pirate

As I'm writing this, I've just come home from college to lovely little parcel! Recently the lovely Jessica reached 100 followers and to celebrate she gave away this Chanel Nail Colour in Pirate, I was very lucky and won! So as always, i'd thought i'd share it with you guys.

Most people that know me know that I love 2 things: Chanel and red nails. All I ever have on my nails is red and Chanel is just such a beautiful and iconic label, so naturally, me and this product got on like storm.
As expected I absolutely adore the colour, it's a gorgeous deep dark red, and i can actually understand why they called it pirate. I usually wear a lighter red, but i have definitively fallen in love with this. The shade does tend to change a little bit though, depending on what kind of light you're in (i used natural light to take the photo's) and how many coats you've put on, i put on two, with no base coat or topcoat, just to test out the wear. I have to say... i'm so satisfied with this! It's lasted around 5 days with only some minor chips at the tips of my nails that are barely noticeable, and i'm sure if you wore a top coat with this, it'd be fine. I do really recommend this, lovely colour and incredible wear- better than any nail varnish i've ever tried before, what more could you want from a Nail Colour? I've also got compliments from people commenting on how shiny and glossy this looks, which is lovely. The only thing that's a little bit off putting is the hefty price tag it comes with, it retails at £17.50 from Boots, but if you can afford to splash the cash, then go for it, it's worth it. If you are interested, but this stretches the budget a little bit, I've heard Revlon do really great dupes of Chanel nail colour, and i've also seen a similar colour to this that Rimmel have done recently done.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, what's your favourite Nail Colour/Polish?

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Let's do breakfast

Hello beauties, as someone who's in a rush pretty much always in the morning, what I really need is a fast and healthy breakfast. I don't want to miss it all together because it's not good for you, as overused as a phrase it sounds, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day; also it's pretty awkward when you're with a group of people and suddenly your stomach makes a noise akin to an earthquake, slight exaggeration. Anyhow, that's when I came across this little recipe(if you can even call it that), it's very French toast-like or Eggy Bread-like as us Brits like to it.

It's not only super yummy, it's really easy to make too as I have to admit my culinary skills don't stretch too far- I can do a pot noodle, salad... An omelette on a good day, you get the jist.
So you basically just get a cup and make a hole in a piece if toast, put the piece of toast in to a frying pan(with oil in it), crack the egg and pour it In to the hole of the piece of toast, add salt and pepper, wait around a minute or so until it's cooked, and voila! not-quite-but-sort-of-getting-there-not-really gourmet chef status achieved.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe try it out on lazy days or when you're in a rush- but hey, if all else fails there is always the beloved breakfast bar.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Come on baby be with me, so happily.

Hey lovelies, I thought I'd let you all know about a certain album that I'm really enjoying at the moment! It might not be for everyone, but those people who usually say "I like all kinds of music" like myself, will definitely enjoy this! 

It's called Midnight Memories by One Direction, which i'm sure most of you guys must will be familiar with, and I have to say- I've joined the hype and I'm absolutely loving them! They seem like such lovely guys and I've always really liked them in general, but their music is honestly really good- it's definitely a very rock-y kind of sound in it's roots, but it's still very fun and very pop like. 
My favourite song off the album has to be Happily!  I could listen to it on repeat for hours and I always catch myself having a huge smile on my face when I listen to them; all of their songs are just so incredibly fun, young, energetic and they make you feel good! If you've not listened to Midnight Memories yet, but like One Direction or if you're not quite sure If it'd be up your street, just go for it, have a listen, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! 

*warning: by the end of the album you may turn an insy bit fangirl and have a new found guilty pleasure*

If like me, you're already in love with the Album, what's your favourite song that they've done?

Saturday, 4 January 2014


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I hope you've had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and an incredible start to the new year(and if not every single day is a second chance). It's the first blog post of 2014!!!

I just thought I would talk you through my New Years eve, it was just really really nice. I usually spend New Years with my family, but I spent it with my friends instead. There was about six of us and we just hung out, danced a lot (6 man party h o l a), we played this game called taboo  aswell- if you haven't played it, you have not lived! It's genuinely really fun and I'm one if those people that gets pretty competitive so it was great for me haha! I'm such a bubbly, naturally very excitable person, so I absolutely love the Christmas-New year season, it's so exciting, positive and just a really kind, good willed, fun time of year, which are things I absolutely adore anyway! 
Also during new year, people tend to make resolutions, I don't usually do them, but I have officially been conformed like the masses... Here they are, a mix of generic and personal in no particular order:
  1.  Blog about what I find important- I'm really excited for this one, I've been really sloppy with my content, but keep an eye out, things are going to get seriously cool.
  2. Exercise more, aim for 2 or 3 days a week for 1 hour each session- everyone has this as a resolution, but I'm possibly the most unfit person ever- I get a stitch running up the stairs... I don't think this is a lot to aim for, so I kept it pretty realistic.
  3. Read my bible and pray every day- this is a bit more personal a lot you won't have this, but I'm a Christian, I love Jesus and I want to have more of God in my life, because I think he's pretty cool.
  4. Be more generous at home - I really think it's important that I make more of an effort at home, I've been really lazy this year and I just want to pull my weight more, which links in to the next one.
  5. Do one random act of kindness every day, no matter how small- I love this one, I'm a big believer in the power of just being kind, just little acts of kindness can change lives and I think that's beautiful.
  6. Try harder to make things work out, take that responsibility- This ones a bit more personal, so I'm not going to go in to it, but just in general taking a lead and being responsible.
  7. Use my frees at college wisely- Somehow I don't think I'm going to keep this one, I like doing I what to do too much rather than what I need to do. As I'm writing this there's a history essay that was due in 3 weeks ago which I haven't done, plus I've not revised for my mocks which are in a week- you get the idea.
  8. Know what i want to do with my life by the end of the year - ahh scary, this ones a biggy! Yeah basically, I have ideas about what I want to do, but I'm not sure- hey maybe I'll have made a post of where I'm going with my life this year.
I love you guys so much thankyou for following my blog and reading my posts,  I've had an incredible 2013, i feel so incredibly blessed, here's to an amazing 2014 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Christmas Party

Dress: Ark(currently on sale)
Necklace: Primark (buy similar)

Hello lovelies, seeing as it's Christmas and for Christmas people tend to get dressed up and makes an effort, i quite rightly did the same and you can't go wrong with a Little Black Dress. 

This is actually my friends dress, but i love it so much, it's so versatile and it's not restricted to just one type of event if that makes sense? you can wear it to lots of different occasions, which tends to be the standard with black dresses. I also adore the lace detailing and the fact it has sleeves. I teamed it up with a gold necklace just to give it a little extra something(by the way, who else is loving chunky necklaces at the moment!?), and of course the classic winged eyeliner a red lips! 
 I find this to be such a classic look, and if you're not looking for something crazy and bold to wear, but you still want to look good; whip out the LBD,  red lips, red nails, winged eyeliner and your favourite heels.

Have you been to any Christmas parties this year and what are you planning to do over Christmas?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

My first photography shoot

At college i'm doing AS photography and i went on my first "shoot" on Thursday! It was centered around identity and i thought i would share some of the photos with you guys because i really did enjoy taking them, even though i don't particularly think they're anything to shout about. (If anyone that's really experienced in photography sees these, please don't judge too harshly as it was the first time I've done something like this) I had such a good day, we started taking photo's at around 2pm, which i was quite worried about because of the daylight, but it all went really well. I absolutely love photography, it's changed the way in which i see things, and if i don't pursue it professionally, then i most definatley will as a hobby. Big thankyou to my friends for modeling for me too. Anyhow here are some the photos:

Thanks for viewing, love you guys

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

4 Steps to healthy hair

Hey guys, so a lovely lady from Viviscal got in touch with me about writing a post for my blog all about tips on achieving healthy hair, which i'm all for. This is quite a long post, but i didn't want to cut out too much because it's all really relevant, I definatley agree with all of these tips and i personally find stuff like this really interesting and useful so hopefully you will too! 
Image taken from:
Did you know that having a good hair day can make you feel 44% more confident? With 150, 000 hairs on the average head – it can make good hair days a bit of a struggle. So, we have come up with a few simple tips to help you gain that 44% confidence and make every day a great hair day! 

First things first, to give yourself a clean slate to work from you deal with any stray rat tails. Split ends can come in three forms, the standard split, the multiple split and the type that has a split further up the shaft causing a hole.

And I’m afraid the best way to get rid of any split end is to give them the chop. This is because the damage to the hair is irreversible so it is better to give your hair a clean break and let it continue to grow healthily.

Protecting your hair
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Beware the heat tools, these are beautifully disguised weapons of war against your locks! The way they cause this irreversible damage is by overheating the cuticle causing it to break. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair that is there to protect the inner layer, the cortex, which is made up of proteins. The cortex is what gives your hair the strength it needs to growth and once this is exposed, it soaks up moisture in the air. From this, the strand will frizz and will eventually break off completely. 

One way that you can protect your hair from the heat is to let your hair dry naturally after washing. Hair dryers evaporate the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and more prone to breakage, so try washing it the night before and tying it up in a bun. In the morning your hair will feel nourished and full of life, over time the condition will continue to show remarkable results!

Also, try turning the temperature down on your curlers or straighteners. Whether your hair is thin and brittle or course and thick, the temperature you use can really affect your hairs vitality. If your styling tools have heat setting, then turn these down to the lowest temperature, you’ll still be able to style your hair and be able to gage how hot is too hot. 

One way to help this is to use heat protecting spray, it  will give your hair an extra barrier from the scorching temperatures so be sure give yourself a little spritz after washing!

Damaging chemicals 
Bleaching your hair can be just as detrimental, if not worse, than using heat tools religiously. So I’m afraid that if you want those Goldy Locks then you need to ensure that you find the right shade that isn’t going to singe your hair off. The best way to do this is to ask your hairdresser for their recommendation for your individual shade and hair type. 

Even celebrities like Lady Gaga and Marina and the Diamonds can vouch for this, both of whom have had to use emergency wigs when their hair broke off from too many chemicals!

To give bleached hair an extra hand, why not try leaving in a deep conditioning treatment to set over night. This will give your hair time to rejuvenate and you’ll wake up feeling pampered with re-hydrated hair. 

Eat your way to beautiful hair
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What you put in your body reflects in  your hair, skin nail and eyes! You hair is the last place to receive these nutrients so some of the key foods that can guarantee your hair will get their healthy feed are;
  • Lean meat – as one of the best sources of protein available, lean meant will give your hair some serious strength and protection!  
  • Eggs – these are wondrous little shells of hair goodness. Eggs contain biotin (you’ll often find on the back of you shampoo bottle!), which is what gives your hair a shiny, healthy glow. 
  • Oily fish – these are full of the acids needed to give your hair a boost. Salmon, mackerel, oysters and the likes are all perfect for hair growth; they also contain protein and vitamin D to grow stronger hair that is less likely to break.
  • Nuts and seeds – these help to protect the follicles at the root of the hair meaning that your hair has the best head start to grow lusciously long. 
  • Fruit and veg – these are some serious hair heroes! Broccoli, spinach, bananas, kiwi’s and all kinds of other a healthy fruit and veg are packed full of minerals to give your hair a great bounce and fill you up with the minerals needed to get you through the day!

Look after your own wellbeing 
Just run
Image taken from:
Stress can have a seriously dramatic effect on your hair; in fact, it is the number one cause of hair loss for women! This is because stress can cause your hair to enter its third stage of development early meaning that it is ready to shed. Whilst we can’t magically diffuse the stress points in your life, here are a few tips to help stop you tearing your hair out (literally!);
  • time to relax and unwind - having some ‘you’ time to yourself can work wonders, so take yourself away from the world and have a day or evening to yourself. Baths are a perfect way to restore calm and relaxation to your muscles after a long day!
  • Go for a run - it’s amazing how much good a bit of fresh air in your lungs can do. Not only will it get the blood pumping round your body and allow you to take a fresh look on things once you’ve had some happy endorphins following around your body. If going for a run isn’t your thing, then try a long walk or even a shopping trip. It will help you get out the house and focus on something different.
  • Let it all out – having a rant isn’t the end of the world. It is much better to do this than let problems bottle up and cause more stress. So talk about what’s worrying you, it may even help you come to a solution and diffuse the stressed situation. 
  • Spend time with friends – spending some time having fun and forgetting about lifes worries is essential. It doesn’t matter how much work you have on, everyone deserves to take a break and have a good time with friends. Not only will this make you feel 10 times better, but it will more than likely improve your work and communication skills!
  • Organise – if your stress is work or uni related then once you have stepped away from the stress for a while, you can go back with a fresh pair of eyes and ensure all your tasks are organised well.

So if you’re looking for hair longer than Rapunzel or rocking a pixie cut, anyone can use these tips to give their hair an extra boost! For more information about healthy hair growth and hair loss visit Viviscal online.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

AW13 Chelsea boots

I've been looking for a good pair of boots for ages, and I decided I wanted Chelsea style ones and after popping in to topshop I found the Affanita Mid-heel Chelsea Boots. These retail at £62, but with student discount I got them for £55.80 and they go with absolutely everything with justifies the price i think. I really like these, such a simple style that looks amazing. They've got the perfect heel height too, so you look taller, but are actually able to walk! 
Topshop in general have got some really good things in at the moment if you're looking for a staple AW13 boot.

What is your Autumn/Winter essential?